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As someone once said 'It takes one to know one' and from one professional vocalist to another, I've been there, done that and rocked the T-shirt. My unique approach to coaching professionals comes from my continued experience in the field and my 13 years experience in coaching which enables me to pass on these experiences by offering advanced vocal critique and technical guidance whether you're trying to survive a tour or a gruelling '8 shows a week' schedule.

I can offer invaluable advice on touring in many different countries and the best ways to maintain vocal fitness during these lengthy runs as well as offering training into performing on stages of all sizes, recording studio sessions, live radio sessions, audition prep, vocal health, problem solving, vocal longevity, style and interpretation. Coaching sessions can be held in person, online or on location and emergency vocal coaching is available if necessary.

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Katy requires all students to stick to a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any lessons that are cancelled 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment will result in the full lesson fee being charged, regardless of the reason. Missed lessons will be treated the same and can not be rescheduled, a new appointment must be made once the late cancellation fee has been paid. This policy is in place to prevent wasted lesson slots and is standard practice. 

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