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Songwriter, songwriting, lyrics, lyr
Songwriter, songwriting, lyrics, lyr
Songwriter, songwriting, lyrics, lyr

Katy offers professional coaching on a one to one basis covering singing techniques, music theory, songwriting and much more for novice, intermediate and professional singers, and with over 13 years experience, Katy is able to guide others to achieve their desired goals within the music industry. 

Singing lessons are often a daunting thought but it is just like learning any other skill, it requires practice and patience. There is no need to be nervous when considering Katy as a vocal coach, nerves are a natural part of singing and once you gain some vocal knowledge your confidence will gradually start to flourish. Throughout your singing lessons you will learn about vocal biology and voice development and can even under go exams to gain recognition and confidence in your ability. Understanding music theory is not necessary for singing lessons, however Katy likes to encourage her singers to aim to understand the basics in order to best communicate musically. 


Katy is a very relaxed singing teacher and likes to make her lessons enjoyable and informative, while pushing her students to make the most out of their talent. Katy is often encouraging her novice students to write their own songs, or create vocal covers on YouTube to help build confidence and online presence.




Congratulations to our very own Liv Aidam for making it to the live shows on BBC 1's TV show Little Mix : The Search. 

Liv has been Katy's vocal student for around 2 years and has gone from strength to strength. Not only did she blow Little Mix away with her vocal talents but she was awarded a scholarship at LMA in Stratford.

We are all routing for you!! 

Liv .jpg

Extreme Voices Conference, London.

The British Voice Association hosted an incredible weekend dedicated to extreme vocals. The inspiring line up of guest speakers included Catherine Sadolin, Melissa Cross, Kim Chandler, Barbara Houseman and a host of ENT specialists and surgeons. The weekend was jam packed with incredible advice, techniques, demonstrations and of course humour. These vocal coaches have dedicated their lives to creating safe and accessible techniques to enable vocalists to use extreme vocal techniques with easy and without fear of injury.

It is important to remember as a coach that you are always learning, improving and striving to provide your students with the most up to date vocal techniques and information. I look forward to taking all the incredible advice on board and practicing the new techniques these vocal masters have kindly shared. 

The British Voice Association offer incredible information and advice to aspiring vocalists.



Long term student Josh Brough landed a scholarship at the famous Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. It is safe to say that after more than 10 years of working together Josh will be sorely missed but I am so proud to have been part of his incredible journey.

Josh started playing guitar from a very young age and started vocal lessons at the age of 8 where he was encouraged to perform, record and write music. It was very clear from a young age that Josh was made for the music industry and he was highly driven to succeed. Congratulations Josh, We can not wait to see what you do next. 

Antony Costa Prepares For New Role

Antony Costa is a Singer/Actor best known as being a member of the boy band Blue. He has recently landed the role of Stacey Jaxx in the musical Rock Of Ages.


Antony has a very powerful voice which is perfectly suited for the 80's rock songs featured in the musical and is working on vocal longevity due to the relentless schedule of being in a musical.

Antony Costa from Blue & Katy Jackson Vocal Coach
VocalZone Throat Pastels & Katy Jackson Vocal Coach

Vocalzone endorse Katy Jackson.

Vocalzone is a medicated lozenge endorsed by singers and voice professionals the world over as an effective remedy to help keep a clear voice. The unique recipe which includes Myrrh, Menthol and Peppermint Oil is based on a throat specific tonic developed in the early 1900’s for the Opera singer

Enrico Caruso.


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